Dylan Tripp
About Dylan Tripp

Dylan Tripp, immediately after graduating from the IED (European Istitute of Design), began his career working for several years as a fashion designer at Valentino and Fendi. In 2004 he created PARAPHERNALIA, one of the first fashion stores in Rome that offered a wide range of branding research, focusing on new creative European designers.

Parallel to his work in Fashion, Dylan Tripp has developed a career as an interior decorator and floral designer as well, pursuing two complementary passions. He has recently worked on several projects in Rome, Berlin, Paris, and Tel Aviv, always trying to combine with care, the personal taste of each client with the original atmosphere of the place. His work always stands out for his personal interpretation of spaces, by mixing designer pieces, along with others related to the history of the house, reinterpreting vintage and placing it in a context that create unique rooms, both charming and warm.

In addition, he works with flowers and floral arrangements. With a special eye for shape, color and balance, Dylan Tripp creates small botanical worlds that reflect his love for a style in which spontaneity, elegance and poetry meet. Thanks to the mixing of “noble” flowers with wild and rural plants, he creates a contemporary floral aesthetics .